1. Obviously, you must be a fan of the movie Straight-Jacket.
  2. A name or nickname and a valid email address are required.
  3. If you have a website and want your URL to be listed, make sure you link back to us via a code or text link on your site.
  4. When linking the code to your site, please upload it to your own server. Direct linking (aka stealing someone else's bandwith) is illegal and will not be tolerated.
  5. Any website is welcome as long as it has no illegal and/or pornographic material, or is a hate site.

The following is not a rule, just a warning. If you use screennames like "bAbIegRrRrl69" or "Faded Whisper", they will be changed to "Anonymous". I want to make sure you know up front, so you don't wonder what happened. You do NOT have to give a full name, first name only works, and those are preferred and will not be changed. But again, this is not mandatory, this is just FYI.


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